Some Useful Tips To Avoid The Flu This Winter


Woman with tissue and hot drink — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The winter months present plenty of opportunities for viruses to spread. Chilly weather keeps more of us indoors at the same time, with forced air heat.

This dry heat dries out the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract, nose, mouth and beyond into the lungs. We tend to increase our intake of rich dairy and egg based foods, which promote the overproduction of mucous in the respiratory tract. Excess mucus traps and supports the growth of bacteria and viruses. Our fast-paced lifestyles, are not at all conducive to strong immune function.

Wash your hands frequently. Most people get colds, flus, and viruses by not washing their hands. Every time you cough, sneeze, or even touch somebodies hands, always wash your hands. Thousands of germs are on your hands every time you contact with another person and don ‘t wash your hands. Instant hand sanitizers are a convenient way to do this.

Clean the phone and computer Phones and computers seem to have the most amount of germs because everybody uses them on a daily basis. Phones and computers should be cleaned about every other day with either a antibacterial wipe or a damp, slightly soapy rag. Also consider using wipes for surfaces such as stair rails, counter tops and door knobs to avoid spreading germs

Open windows regularly as germs will remain in stagnant air.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get 8 hours of sleep, relax often, exercise, eat a well balanced diet full of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.

Take a high quality Vitamin C supplement and/or Echinacea for cold prevention. Research has shown that when Vitamin C is taken in before an infection occurs then the immune system is boosted sufficiently so that your body can fight off the infection before you even get sick. Zinc is another extra anti oxidant supplement that you can take as this will also increase the strength of your immune system.

Drink plenty of pure water Drink plenty of fluids as research has shown that drinking lots of liquids stabilizes the systems in your body, which increases the strength of your immune system

Decrease consumption of alcohol and coffee. Alcohol will lower your immune system functioning. Try switching from coffee to tea as it has an antibacterial and antiviral action.

Avoid white refined sugar and food high in sugar content as sugar makes your immune system sluggish and less able to fulfil its important role in the body.

At the first sign of illness, slow down and rest to prevent the illness from taking hold. It is better to stop activity in the short term rather than having your activity stop you.