Baby Moves In Manly

A baby’s development is like the opening of a flower bud.
It gradually unfolds.
If we open its petals unnaturally
We interfere with the growing process
And the flower becomes distorted.


This is the opening page of a brilliant and invaluable parental reference book ‘Baby Moves’ written by NZ based paediatric physio Marianne Hermsen-Van Wanrooy. The parents in our Manly chiropractic centre know the importance of allowing childhood development to progress naturally through its distinct sequence. This beautifully illustrated book clearly describes the sequence of movement pattern development from a helpless newborn with primitive reflexes to a well coordinated 2 year old able to walk and run and every exquisite step in-between.

It’s not as important to reach the developmental milestone on time, as it is to reach them in the correct sequence. The child that walks at 18months can do just as well if not better as the child that walks at 12months.

The child that skips stages in motor development is at risk of developing associated problems, eg problems with balance, poor posture or learning difficulties.

At our Manly chiropractic centre we see children from our local community (Manly, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Seaforth, Balgowlah and Freshwater) but have also helped children from the south coast, eastern suburbs as well as further up the Northern Beaches. There is a growing awareness among parents that the health of our communities is in their hands. Optimal childhood development is the cornerstone of a healthy life, at Northern Beaches Chiropractic Centre we strive to help families achieve greater health naturally, starting with optimal development.

Helping children and their families to live a fuller healthier life is our passion. If you or someone you know would benefit from a consultation in our office please contact us.