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Village Chiropractic recognises the important role community plays in our general health.

Village Chiropractic is a pillar of Manly’s healthy lifestyle community. As a result of this commitment you will see us out and about involved with sharing the healthy lifestyle message.

We walk our talk.

Your environment will directly affect your health but you can also shape your environment to create a positive place. As part of our commitment to helping our practice members to live a healthier life, at Village Chiropractic we want to teach you how to be the creator of your own health promoting environment, how to shape it so it has a positive impact on your health. A huge component of your wellbeing can be attributed to your community. The people that you interact with and the space in which you spend your time physically and virtually will impact on your general health.

We’ve created a unique community within our practice but also really enjoy being part of Manly’s vibrant scene.

Just outside our door are an array of incredible Cafe’s and restaurants serving delicious, healthy and inspiring food as well as incredible coffee. The mix of holiday makers, local businesses, retailers, entrepreneurs, young families and athletes makes our little block a great place to visit. The positive atmosphere of Manly adds to the chiropractic experience. Catching up with friends after your adjustment at Village Chiropractic is a great idea. We love it when old mates and family members accidentally bump into each other in our practice.