Is Your Headache Just A Deficiency In Paracetamol?

By now you would have seen a number of different commercials on T.V at the moment advertising new rapid formulations of paracetamol, which “acts fast whilst respecting the body and leaving it naturally”.

What you have to understand is that your headache is a symptom from your body that something is not right in either your external or internal environment. To then mask this symptom through the use of a painkiller is like putting a piece of masking tape over your engine warning light and hoping the problem will go away. It will allow you a temporary improvement in function, but is not addressing the real cause of the problem.

The fact is that despite widespread availability of over the counter medications these drugs can have serious side effects if taken in-appropriately or excessively. The reality is that these drugs are not natural or specific in their action and don’t respect your body as the commercials will have you to believe.

Most headaches we encounter in our Manly Chiropractic office tend to be multi-factorial (caused by a number of factors) ranging from dehydration, stress, poor posture and biomechanics of the neck and spine, poor workstation set up and dietary inadequacies. We have found on a regular basis that not only will addressing these and other factors help to decrease the frequency and severity of attacks, but correct spinal functioning and an equally healthy lifestyle will often prevent the headaches from returning at all.