How Chiropractors Can Help Keep You At Your Best

Would you agree that everything works best when all of its components or pieces are exactly where they are supposed be?

Do you think that the correct functioning of your spine is an important aspect of being healthy?

Quite simply this sums up the essence of chiropractic in its most basic form. That optimal spinal functioning is a component of being healthy and well and that if it is working the way it was designed, your body will be able to better coordinate its functions adapt to stress and heal itself.

As Manly chiropractors we see and speak to people on a regular basis who take more care of their car then they do of themselves. You wouldn’t necessarily wait for it to break down to take it for a service or fill it with diesel fuel if it required premium unleaded, so why do that to your body?

Because we can’t see our spine, we tend to neglect its role and importance in function. The only time this becomes apparent is when we injure it or suffer from an episode of pain. Considering only 10% of your nervous system is dedicated to the detection of pain and is not a true indicator of function, we are relying on very un-reliable source of feedback.

Looking after yourself requires a fair amount of effort than the easy road, but the effort and time you are investing in yourself will ensure you can continue to live your active lifestyle for as long as possible. After all, I don’t know too many people these days that have the time to be sick or unwell.

“Healthy people are not healthy by chance. Healthy people make good lifestyle choices and do on a regular basis.”