Family Chiropractic Care In Manly

I’m blessed to be the chiropractor for so many beautiful families in Manly and the Northern Beaches. These families are choosing to be adjusted as a way of ensuring their full health potential not merely as a way of reducing the severity of back pain or headaches.

As you know the lifestyle choices you make directly affect your health and quality of life. Parents of well adjusted children often comment on a change in mood (for the better) in their children after an adjustment. As well as reducing the incidence/severity of middle ear infections, asthma, constipation and bed wetting we have seen a positive impact on coordination, concentration, reading and learning. A misaligned spinal joint places more demand on the nervous system. We often describe this increased demand on the nervous system as ‘white noise’ on an un-tuned radio or tv. It’s more difficult to concentrate when there is a too much white noise making it harder for the child to comprehend what’s going on around them. This leads to irritability and the increased chance of poorer cognition/learning.

Due to recent discoveries of the magnificent complexity of the human brain, we now know that the area of the brain that coordinates detailed movement of the body also coordinates learning and the way we remember. If this area of the brain is underactive as a result of stiff joints and inactivity it will have a negative impact on concentration and learning. This is why a spinal adjustment that corrects spinal fixations helps improve learning and coordination.

A chiropractic adjustment can reduce the ‘white noise’ associated with nervous system irritation allowing the child’s brain to remain on task and to better understand the world around them.

A baby that is suffering from the effects of spinal misalignments will typically be more at ease in their pram in a noisy shopping centre than at home quiet in their bassinette, they won’t want to be put down at home, will respond dramatically to sudden noises, may find it difficult to feed and are more likely to damage mum’s nipples doing so, will show signs of abdominal pain and will scream regularly. These children are often labelled as colicky or irritable and usually given medicine to help what seems like a digestive upset. We often meet these children in our practice when the medicine dose doesn’t work. If attended to quickly then we are more likely to be successful at correcting the cause of irritation quickly.

Chiropractic is the first choice for many parents who want the best start to life for their children