We Shed Some Light On Multivitamins | Myth or Medicinal?

If you followed the rugby union world cup then you would have been swamped with James O’Conner and his purple jacket selling the benefits of a commercially available multi. Unfortunately all the multivitamins in the world couldn’t save the Wallabies this time around, but this begs the question are multivitamins a necessary supplement?

Inadequate vitamin and mineral intake can be associated with fatigue, poor immune resistance, difficulty coping with stress and increased incidence of disease. Studies continue to show that modern Western diets and agriculture practices result in diets are often low in essential vitamins and minerals. It is quite possible to have a well-balanced seemingly healthy diet, but in actual fact be missing out on some of the important building blocks of health and function.

As Manly Chiropractors all of our clients are encouraged to pursue healthy lifestyles and to help support this we recommend all of our clients take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Our chiropractors recommend this for a number of reasons.

  1. To reduce the risk of heart disease through folic acid and B-Vitamins reducing the levels of Homocystine, a chemical which has been associated with heart disease.
  2. Protect against free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer through antioxidants.
  3. Improve Women’s health
  4. Support a Childs growth and development
  5. Support health in people who are fussy eaters or with dietary allergies
  6. Support good health with advancing age.

There is simply no substitute for sourcing all your daily requirements from a well balanced diet. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly challenging with our modern lifestyles. Our Manly Chiropractors recommend Bioceutical Multivitamins which can help to support dietary inadequacies and form the foundation for optimal nutrition.

Think of a multi vitamin as an insurance policy for your nutrition. You wouldn’t want to rely on it all the time, but if your situation changes it will help to cover the gaps that may form in your diet.