The Village Chiropractic Story

The Village Story

We’ve been helping the Manly community to get and stay well for more than a decade. Village Chiropractic originally opened it’s doors as Northern Beaches Chiropractic Centre in 2005. Since then, through dedicated work and care for our practice members we have developed and grown into the well respected and popular practice that we are today.

We are inspired by Manly, the concept of the urban village, a place that is both part of a thriving metropolis and stands alone as a fully functioning community. Manly is one such place. We lean on each other in our community, we are specialists in what we do but we also care for each other as a group of citizens.

Village Chiropractic is here to provide our community with exceptional care. We exist as a thoroughfare in our practice members lives. On their way to work, school, gym, the beach, or just grabbing a coffee our practice members make chiropractic care a part of their healthy lives. We love our Manly community and strongly believe that as a Village we are able to support and care for each other better.

Helping you achieve your health goals helps us to fulfil our purpose of helping Manly to become the healthiest community in Australia.