Health For The Summer


Health for the Summer in Manly.

I love summer. I am always happy when the sun is shining. What I love most is the energy in my local neighbourhood. Runners running, walkers walking, swimmers swimming, yoga, beach volleyball, tennis, nippers, bicycles as far as the eye can see, even my gym gets busier. Thanks Saltmotion for the images from todays blog

What it tells me is people love to move. We are innately driven to be active. It’s in our DNA.

We spend a lot of the cooler, darker months inside the office or house. Less active and less energized. As the days get longer our enthusiasm for physical activity lifts. This is a great thing. Active people are healthier than inactive people in many ways.

At Northern Beaches Chiropractic Centre, Summer usually brings a flurry of people who have increased their activity level only to get injured. It’s painful but also disheartening for that individual (and their kids) who find they are having to stop exercising, forgo a holiday or worse still opt out of the traditional Christmas day backyard cricket match.

There is a television commercial that highlights the effect of ignoring a chipped windscreen. Ultimately the chip will turn into a crack that will be costly and inconvenient. Much like a chipped windscreen your spine may be subluxed leading to a greater chance of injury and illness.

My advice to you this summer is similar to that of the windscreen technician. If it’s been a while (or never), then now is the time to have your spine and nervous system assessed. A thorough assessment by a chiropractor will highlight any areas of dysfunction and suggest a course of action before it becomes an injury. So before you head off on holidays have your windscreen chips repaired and schedule a chiropractic appointment so you can enjoy a healthy active holiday.