Movement as nutrition

Have you ever considered movement as a nutrient essential for health?

It’s absolutely delicious, its indulgent, its decadent and best of all it’s good for you, I mean really good for you.

If you’re salivating then read on. It’s movement degustation time.

Not the delectable mini bites and mouth watering morsels of well thought out ingredients designed to tantalise your tastebuds and tickle your senses. Beautifully presented and paired with drinks that enhance the overall gastronomic experience that turns one of life’s basic requirements into one of life’s great pleasure. No I’m not talking about food.

I’m talking about movement, a degustation of movement. A movement nutrient dense feast for your body and mind. Paired with appropriate nervous system balancing tips that, like a fine wine, to enhance the experience.

Your body and brain benefit from a day filled with a variety of movement moments. I believe if you approach your day with this degustation concept in mind you’ll enjoy your work day more and arrive home feeling more energised than when you woke up.

Choose as many items from the menu as you like but remember just like ordering a full rack of ribs plus the rump steak and shoestring fries, if you pick too many of the bigger heavier movements you’ll stuff yourself. So think light, fresh and frequent.

Your menu reads like this:

Choose one or more of the following:

Early morning stretch of hamstrings, shoulders, chest, hips and calves.

Cat/cow, child’s pose, half pigeon stretch.

Foam roll your thoracic spine, glutes, and lats.

We suggest you pair this with a 2 minute cold shower or jump in the ocean or some belly breathing.

Choose one of the following:

5 rounds of 10 push ups and 20 squats.

30-45 minute return swim to Shelley beach.

Soft sand walk or run we suggest stopping to stretch at every set of stairs.

10 sets of stairs behind Shelley beach or behind manly surf club sprint up/walk down.

paired with 3-5 minutes of spinal waves (

Please add as many of these as you like and sprinkle throughout the work day:

Ride your bike or walk to the ferry.

Walk on as many grassy verges as possible.

Find a tree branch or suitable over head beam and hang from it for as long as you can.

Stand on the ferry or bus try stand in a lunge position or wide legged horse stance or squat (enjoy being looked at consider it real life Instagram)

Walk up stairs, think about taking 2, 3, or 4 at a time. How many can you jump up at a time (mine’s 5). Walk up backwards,

Stand in meetings.

Squat when checking emails.

Lie or sit on the floor when making phone calls.

After a long phone conversation or meeting do a handstand against the wall for as long as you can. Time it and try beat it next time.

Go outside for lunch, find a park, take your shoes off and feel the ground underneath you.

Sit on the floor. Chew your food, look up. Breathe.

Walk up stairs with just the tips of your toes gripping the front of the step.

Turn your head as far to the left then as far to the right as possible hold for 5 seconds.

Curl forward and touch your toes. All of them.

Hold you phone/ipad at eye level when reading for it.

This is not the full menu but I think you get the idea.

Lots of little and some more substantial morsels for your daily movement degustation.

Ps for dessert play outside with friends, partners or kids or spend the evening inside rolling around on the floor.

Bon appetite