How To Super Charge Your Body In Just 7 Days!

Staying healthy is easy. There is no need to overcomplicate things. Your body naturally wants to move well and move often, eat good food and sleep well but we tend to get in the way of this with our daily routines, otherwise known as our “lives”. Over-stimulated, over-stressed, over- eating but undernourished sedentary people are the new norm.

Below is our simple five step guide to super-charging your health this week.

1. Drink only water this week. That means no tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks.

2. At least 30 mins of exercise everyday. This could be anything ranging from a walk, riding a bike or to more intense exercise such as a gym workout. Either way keep it fun, and mix it up.

3. Eat only non-processed and non packaged foods. In case your wondering that basically rules out 90% of the “food” in your local supermarket other than the fruit, vegetables and meats.

4. Go to bed early. Turn off TV, computer and smart phones. The bright lights and type of activity over stimulates our already hyperactive brains limiting your ability to relax and wind down.

5. Get up and move from your desk every 30 mins. Standing up and stretching will stop the progressive build up of stress and tightness in your body, in particular the low back, neck and shoulders.

Follow these steps for the next 7 days, and I guarantee you will be amazed at the transformation.

It’s that simple. No pills, no fad diets, just common sense.